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Y'all remember that iconic movie from the 80's?  Sally gives Harry a ride to New York and the two become lasting friends with the fear that sex changes everything?   Yeah, that's the one.

Well in honor of that movie I had named my thighs Sally and Harry.  I called my left thigh Sally because I'm left handed and my right thigh Harry.  It was a going joke between a friend and I.  At first it didn't bother me that they touched.  It was a normal thing.  But as the years went on, it became a big issue. It connotated that I was fat.  I know that's silly, but to me, all I saw were fat people's thighs touching.

Until recently I didn't do anything about it.  It wasn't enough to make me lose weight.  Well now, I can say that Harry and Sally have divorced!  They no longer touch each other whenever I walk.  Something I just noticed today when I was walking.  They weren't even close to each other!  I no longer have thunder thighs!  I cannot describe how happy I am.  I have never liked having big thighs ever.  I know that for awhile I was measured as an hour glass, but I had the hugest thighs and hips ever.  So now I have thinner thighs :) I'm still the same weight though, but that's okay. I made a huge accomplishment today.

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Posted on 09:25PM on Nov 24th, 2012
That was what made me realize that I was fat. I saw a postsecret years ago that said "I'm terrified of my thighs one day touching." with a picture of a very skinny girls thighs. To me that gap looked massive, even though her ankles were pressed together. I tried the pose myself while looking in the mirror, and saw how smashed together and gross mine were. It sparked a whole wave of nausea and realization that I was disgusting. So I really understand how great that feeling is, to see them so far apart. (: Congrats
Posted on 12:21AM on Nov 25th, 2012
Thanks Fernwolf! When I stand upright and properly there is a space in between them as well. not a huge space but a space none the less, so I am on my way to skinny legs! I'm sure you'll get there too :)
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